VIPCHECK-IN values your privacy and safety. We are fully dedicated to protecting your personal information supplied to us via this website or through any other mode of communication. This Privacy Policy Statement applies to and any other websites or blogs owned and operated by VIPCHECK-IN LIMITED.

All information provided on this website is intended for informational purposes only and should not be considered as an advice. Information is provided for personal use by persons of age of 18 years and above. By accessing and using this Website, you agree to be bound by the Privacy Policy terms described therein.

Collection of Information

VIPCHECK-IN collects two types of information when you access this website: personal information and non-personal information.

- Personal information

If you have not registered on this site while using it, you are an anonymous user. Your personal information is therefore not collected.  Personal information refers to any confidential information that can be used to personally identify you as a person. These include but not limited to your name, date and place of birth, email address, phone number, physical address, credit/debit card number and location.

Your personal information is only collected after getting your consent to do so. We collect information when you sign up for an account on this website, make a service/product request or fill our Contact Form and submit it to us.

Your personal information is used to help us identify you personally, improve our service delivery to you, expedite communication, send you postal mailings or emails and facilitate arrangement of your luxury travel. In addition to personal information, VIPCHECK-IN may request travel destinations and interests so we can provide you with a more personalized service.

We may also use your personal information to conduct market research and create reports. Demographic information like interests, age and gender may also be collected and used through analytics systems. We may also send you remarketing adverts according to the pages you have visited on this website.

Additionally, we may use your personal information with other companies who provide luxury travel, hotel booking, villa, concierge, jet and yacht charters and services. We only use you information with such companies to offer a service you have requested, ensure that your bookings are placed correctly and measure your consumer interests on various services and products that we offer.

- Non-personal information

When you access and use this website, VIPCHECK-IN may collect information that is not personally identifying, that is, non-personal information. This information include but not limited to browser type and settings used, the time you visited and left our site, your searches on our site, pages visited most, less visited pages, cookies, etc.

These information are collected involuntarily and your consent is not needed.

We use non-personal information to improve your experience when visiting our website. Your non-personal information can also help us understand your interest in particular services and products we are providing.

Registration for services and products

For us to serve your service and product requests, we may ask you to willingly share your personal information with us for the purposes of registration, correspondence, participation in website surveys, contests or promotions.

If you are a registered user with VIPCHECK-IN website, we may integrate your personal information independently or with other collected information about how you use our website, services or products plus information collected externally to further customize your website experience and provide you with fully relevant offline and online communication.


When you visit our website, we automatically collect non-personal information known as cookies. This is a process done by other websites too and is intended for enhancing user experience when using a website. Cookies do not identify you personally, but instead identify the device you are using to access our website.

You have the freedom to set your browser in incognito mode if you do not want your device identified. But our website may request you to accept or cancel cookies if the incognito mode is enabled. Our site collects two types of cookies: persistent and session cookies. Session cookies are usually temporary files which means they are destroyed immediately you exit your browser. Which means you will have to login in again and choose your preferences since your device will not be recognized.

Persistent cookies are stored in subfolders in your browser and will continue to be there until you delete them manually. These cookies allow you to visit our website more over and over and be recognized as a previous user. This means you may be allowed to visit your account without having to log in again.

All cookie information collected are used to measure the response rates to our webpage, email hyperlinks and general site visit activities and performance.


Based on the personal information you willingly provided us, VIPCHECK-IN may send you email messages for the purposes of marketing our products and services. You may opt out of these marketing emails by checking the end of any email message we send you and click “unsubscribe” button.

We may also send you an email to confirm your request for a product or service at our website. On sending you an email, we may use your address as an identification of your email receipt.

Our emails may also be used to track whether a message was opened or not, how many times you viewed it and whether you clicked on the embedded hyperlinks.  Information collected is primarily used for measuring the response rates to our email marketing strategies and enhancing your experience.

Sharing information to third parties

VIPCHECK-IN does not share your personal information including email address, name and telephone number among others with third party companies for any other purpose other than facilitating provision of service you requested.  We may send you messages via email on behalf of third party companies that we conduct business with.

Participation in contests and promotions

We may request for your personal information if you happen to take part in a contest or promotion on this website. Your personal information in that case will be used to identify winners and notify them about it. Participation is entirely voluntary, therefore you can choose to take part in it or not. In addition, any contest or promotion that VIPCHECK-IN holds shall be guided by the regulations that accompanies it.


VIPCHECK-IN values your opinion and comments and therefore may conduct surveys on various subjects regarding our services and products. All surveys held on our website are voluntary so you can decide whether to take part in it or not.  In such a case, if you wish to give your opinions or comments, we may require you to provide us with your personal information such as email address among others. Such information shall be used for the purpose of giving you feedbacks regarding the survey, enhancing our service delivery and customer experience.

Website access by children

This website, information, services and products offered through it are not meant for use by children under 18 years of age. As such, VIPCHECK-IN does not knowingly solicit children’s personal information. We strongly request that persons under 18 years should not submit their personal information whether voluntarily or involuntarily. If we realize that information collected belongs to a person under 18 years, we shall promptly delete it. Parents are also urged to contact us immediately if they learn that information we have about them belong to their child. We will act promptly and delete it.

Information security

VIPCHECK-IN uses the most contemporary security technologies to safeguard your information against breach. We employ Secure Socket Layers (SSL) to encrypt your information into an indecipherable code that cannot be compromised in the course of transactions.

In addition, all your personal information is safely stored in our secure database. We have security measures put in place to safeguard your information against unauthorized access.

Although we put our best to ensure security of your information, we cannot fully guarantee that compromise or breach cannot occur. In case of a breach, we shall notify you as soon as possible and take necessary precautions to ensure that our systems are fully safe to further protect your information.


While sharing information with us, we strongly advise you to practice a strict measure to prevent all possible breaches or hacks that can occur online. This include not visiting suspicious sites while transacting with your private information. VIPCHECK-IN shall not be held responsible for any losses or damages incurred as a result of careless misconducts online. Any information you choose to share with us is provided on your own risks.

Contact us

If you have any issue or query with regard to this Privacy Policy Statement, kindly visit our Contact Us page and fill our contact form. Our support team shall review your query and get back to you as soon as possible. If you would like an immediate response kindly make a phone call.