Without our loyal customers and partners by our side, delivering you the state of the art luxury services would have been a great challenge. Select Partners augment our strengths with access to exclusive deals and offers.



VIPCHECK-IN has made it possible for tens of thousands of clients to experience true definition of luxury. This set of satisfied clients in turn give us positive feedbacks concerning their experiences with a particular service, whether it is a villa, hotel and resort, private jets, exclusive yachts or concierge services. We then use their feedbacks to grow our collection of luxury services, of course after ascertaining that the services offered meet our VIP class standards. For this reason, you as our client are also an important partner to our growth. It is because of your feedback that we are able to provide other clients exceptional VIP services that surpass industry standards. Through our client’s response we are also able to expand and improve our services, that why we treat each and every client as our partner.


Apart from individuals, businesses that make it possible for us to deliver quality services are treasured as our partners. VIPCHECK-IN partners with exclusive hotels, villas, private jet providers, exclusive yacht owners to avail great deals from them to our clients as soon as they pop up. This is particularly very helpful to our clients as it save them the time and stress of trying to locate these services by themselves. Since we are trusted by wide range of customers and businesses, there is no doubt that our collection of offers to our clients are certainly the best. We partner with providers of chic and elegant services to ensure that our clients get the VIP experience they deserve.