At VIPCHECK-IN, our priority is directed towards giving the best for your business , we have continued to focus on the very minute details that make each experience one of its kind. It’s what keeps our clients coming back for more.


At VIPCHECK-IN, businesses are getting a huge opportunity to find the best suppliers who can deliver the best quality products at an affordable price and for suppliers, they will find customers who are searching for what they have to offer. For investors, we provide opportunity to invest in the right project where they can have greater ROI. Also, for businesses looking for investors, our platform will be helpful for them to find investors who will be eager to invest in their businesses. We are your ultimate destination to find people who will fulfill your business needs.

How our business assistant will help you

VIPCHECK-IN is providing you with a comprehensive platform to take your business to newer heights. Here is how we will help you:

We will help businesses to connect with suppliers to meet their needs. Suppliers will find businesses that are looking for their offerings.
Investors can find the right opportunities to invest their money on businesses. Businesses can find investors who are looking invest in their type of business.

  • Recording contracts, business representative,arranging business meetings
  • MatchMaker investors and virtual assistant for quick task
  • Legal representative
  • Need a legal advisor consultation?

We help in organizing meetings with reliable partners at a time convenient for you.


  • Offer for individuals and groups, document translations
  • Service in Polish, English and Russian


At VIPCHECK-IN we do our utmost to make sure all your needs are taken care of. This is why we exclusively hire well trained assistants with many years of experience in this luxury service. If you want to give this opulent service a try and hire our personal assistant tell us about all your needs and expectations and we will find the right person for you. We treat each client individually.

Ask for quotation

At VIPCHECK-IN, we have a large database from where you can easily find everything you need. But, it is not widely available. In order to have an access to our database you have to become our client. Do you want to know more? Call and ask for quotation. We treat and quote each commission individually.