VIPCHECK-IN concierge service specialists respond to all needs, from running simple errands to highly complex and time demanding requests. With an experience of almost a decade while catering to discerning private and corporate clientele, we have earned a reputation as a leading luxury lifestyle and concierge service agency.

We are committed to an excellence that is client oriented and this coupled with our extensive knowledge in the industry has made us the ultimate VIP solution provider. Whether in need of luxurious home rentals, private transportation, event planning, exclusive access, reservations and any other services.

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With some of the luxurious penthouse, condos, villas in one of the most cherished neighbourhoods, we will help you find an ideal rental space for your chic lifestyle. We understand how special this is and take in the luxury bit of it more seriously. We carefully handpick every luxurious rentals and present you with those that meet our exact excellence standards.



Our scrupulous attention to luxury details makes us create one of its kind event that is seamlessly managed a well as coordinated from the planning to the execution stage. We bring the uniqueness of preference and style to life, for all your special life events, whether it’s a, homecoming, family gathering, birthday party, anniversary, wedding product launch, corporate event. VIPCHECK-IN provides a perfect blend of experience, creativity and knowledge to make your life experiences remarkable.



With a lot of professional and personal commitments to take care of, it can prove very stressful and difficult to get enough time to manage the simplest tasks. Whether your interest is in finding a vacation home, primary residence, rental investment, managing your life special events or corporate events, our dedicated and experienced team will take hold of everything to see it to your satisfaction.