A taste of comfort, elegance, authenticity and luxury are somewhat difficult to come by when the luxury life style industry is so crowded. At VIPCHECK-IN, we best understand what luxury services means and we always surpass industry standards to give you the experience of a VIP you are.

It is what we do best – providing unparalleled luxury experience at exceptionally affordable rates.

We connect one business to another in the form of providing suppliers for any business or finding a company an investor or finding the right project to invest in for a investor company.

Additionally, we offer new job opportunities for everyone who are tired of searching for their dream jobs.


At VIPCHECK-IN, we are driven by passion, the desire to see everyone be a VIP of their own class. In seeking for luxury lifestyle services, you must be able to balance the type of lifestyle with what you need or where you need to be at competitive rates.


We do no stop at that. We strive to offer only state of the art private jets, yachts, villas, hotels, concierge services and consultancy service. And our years of experience in the industry, plus our client satisfaction can vouch for our exemplary performance. Each aspect of our luxury lifestyle has specialists well versed in it to ensure all your luxury travel queries are best sorted out.


Thinking of attending your next corporate conference in style? Or perhaps take your family to a holiday get away in an experience of its own kind? We will connect you with the best of private jet companies in the industry and certainly you’ll stand out as the VIP of you are. We are dedicated to provide you with a truly tailored service by connecting you with private jet charters of VIP class.


Yachts are one of the best ways of experiencing the wholesome elegant lifestyle that you sort for. With the cool pulsating breeze in the sea, you and your family or buddies can enjoy your holiday or party in an executive yacht. Simply say what you are looking for in your yacht and our yacht specialists will pick just the best matching your needs.


Planning a family get away? Or thinking of an executive destination to hold your home-coming party at? Simply pick from our wide collection of luxurious villas across the globe and get the party blazing. Our villas are one of the best in the industry, thanks to our team of experts who scrutinize the providers of the villas before including them in our list of providers.


VIPCHECK-IN concierge service specialists respond to all needs, from running simple errands to highly complex and time demanding requests. With an experience of almost a decade while catering to discerning private and corporate clientele, we have earned a reputation as a leading luxury lifestyle and concierge service agency. We team up with one of the best concierge service providers who understand what VIP luxury actually is and are ready to provide business class service no matter where you are at.


Maintaining a high standard of service in your workplace is essential to satisfy your customers and turn them into regular customers.This is where our luxury mystery client service comes into play. Taking this service will help you to have a real picture of the standard of service in your workplace and maintain that standard on a consistent basis. When we will be hiring our mystery client service, we will send a mystery client to your workplace who will avail the services you have to offer. In the meantime, the mystery client will inspect and evaluate various aspects of your service.


Perhaps you are seeking out for distributors or clients for your business, we have a large database from where you can find clients, suppliers, investors, and various on-going projects. With our B2B consultancy service and our great experience you will get the implementation of the best solutions. We believe in the power of partnership and collaboration. We assist buyers and sellers of privately held businesses in the buying and selling process.Our mission is to bring buyers and sellers to an understanding of buying, selling, and valuing existing businesses.We are your ultimate destination to find people who will fulfill your business needs.


At VIPCHECK-IN, our focus is not just about offering luxury concierge services, business consultancy, mystery client and new jobs, but we also ensure that the whole experience is exceptional, from start to the end. This is particularly inspired not only by our expertise but also team spirit. Through the hurdles we encounter each day, we keep on refining our services to provide you with the best VIP experience you’ve ever experienced. It’s part of our culture.